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How to terminate the Access Point Mode on your Canon printer

Canon printer give its users all the required features to meet the printing and scanning needs. Blending up with the advanced technology, Canon printer are easing users to connect with machines. You can easily send commands to the machine when your Smartphone or PC is connect with LAN network. This increases the productivity and consumes less time consumption to perform a task.

canon printer

When you use the printer as an access point in an environment that may or may not have the wireless LAN router or access point, in such situations, you can connect the printer to an external device such as a Smartphone or a computer and send print or other commands through them. Enabling access point mode gives an ease way to connect with the supported devices.

You can shut the connection if you are not using the LAN temporarily. When the printer is connected to the computer via wireless LAN but you do not need the printer for a short period, you can put down the printer access by the following method.

Steps to terminate the Access Point Mode:

  1. On the printer’s display, tap on the Home screen icon and go to Setup option
  • You can also use the operation panel to step next
  1. Go to the device settings
  2. Tap on the option of LAN setting
  3. Flick Change LAN
  4. Tap the Wireless LAN active
  5. If do not use the printer through the wireless LAN , skip the above step and instead choose ‘Wired LAN active or Disable LAN’

The access mode has been successfully terminated and if not, go for Canon Printer customer support to fix the issue. To use the printer again with the access point mode, call on Canon toll-free number for all the required assistance.

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