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How to Make Your Ink as Well as Paper Durable with HP Printer?

If you’re like many others gets frustrated when you printer ink ends its life in between an important file print out or paper gets over then this article will be a surprise for you.

hp printer

Here, you’re going to learn with the help of the tips to make your paper and ink durable with HP Printer.

Follow the tips as listed below-

1. Try to adjust and modify the font size of your document

To your knowledge, there are some fonts, which use more inks than other fonts. It is recommended to use Century gothic, Ecofont, or Times New Roman to make your HP cartridges lasts longer.

2. Modify the HP Printer settings to reduce paper and ink usages

If possible try to print double-sided documents, wide up your paper margins to adjust more texts on a single page. Saving ink as well as paper is equally important especially for certain documents like memos and notes.

3. Always Use print preview

Always remember to use print preview to make sure you haven’t wasted any pages (blank pages) before going for print out.

 Note– You can anytime contact HP Printer Technical Support team to get assistance on your technical issues while handling the HP Printer.

4. Choose only a certain portion of a web page for print out

Try to avoid the ads or any unwanted content while going for any web page printing.  If the print preview displays a lot of ads then HP Smart app (free) can help you. The app removes the headers, footers, and ads from the web pages, this not only help you in reducing the paper and ink from the unwanted usage but also provide you with the exact content which is needed.

5. Try to print in black and white

Unnecessary print out with color ink is just wasting your ink usages. Make sure you print in color where it is necessary.

6. Replace the ink cartridges only when it is completely empty

Try to replace the old ink cartridges with the new cartridges, only when it is empty not before that. Your HP Printer will alert you whenever the ink is getting low.  Your HP Printer will run normally after showing up the alert, so don’t panic!

For more information on HP Printer contact HP Printer Customer Support Number.

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