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A Quick Guide to HP Printer Wireless Settings | HP Printer Technical Support

Manufactured with the latest technology and loaded with advanced features, HP printers have eventually become a preferred choice of the customers. You can also connect your HP printer with a wired or wireless network without any hassle.

HP Printer


To make this happen, you need to check on the printer’s wireless settings. In this article, we have provided the list of all HP printer wireless settings to help you know more about them. Read out the info below:

To check the wireless status and menu options, press Wireless button

  • Please note HP printer showing an active connection means it is already connected to the wireless network
  • If the display screen shows off Wireless Off then it means your wireless connection is disabled
  1. “Print Network Configuration Page” Settings

On this page, you can view the network status, network name, hostname, and other things. To open this setting, do the following:

  • On your printer, press the Wireless button to view the Wireless Settings menu
  • Choose Print Report and then choose Configuration Page

To get any kind of help, call HP Printer Support Number.

  1. “Print Wireless Network Test Report” Settings

With this report, you can check the diagnostic results for the status for wireless signal strength, wireless network, and the available networks. To check the same, follow these instructions:

  • Hit the Wireless button to check the Wireless Settings menu
  • Select Print Report
  • Now, choose Test Report
  1. “Restore network settings to default settings”
  • Press the Wireless button and access Wireless Settings options
  • Choose Restore to Default
  • Confirm your settings
  1. Wireless On or Off
  • Access the Wireless Settings menu
  • Choose Wireless
  • Choose On or Off settings from Wireless On/Off menu

If you don’t find any particular Wireless setting, call HP printer support number for help!

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