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HP Smart or HP All-in-One Printer Remote app as the name suggests helps to set up, scan, print, share, and manage. It helps you to connect to set up your printer to a wireless network or Wi-Fi network.

If you recently purchased HP Smart App for your Android device and wanted to know about its use then this article will work for you.

And other than that, if you have any queries related to any of the HP product then feel free to call HP Printer Customer Support to get assistance for the same from the technicians.

HP Smart App

Check out the steps as listed below to use HP Smart App for Android-

  1. Install the HP Smart App for Android

You need to install the HP Smart App on your Android device and after the installation, launch the app, and then add your Printer. Follow the steps to do so –

  • Check whether your Android device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network in which your current printer is connected.
  • From the Google Play to download and install the HP Smart App for your device.
  • After done with the installation, open the app and click ‘Start’.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and tap ‘Continue’.

Choose the plus sign ‘+’ on the app home screen.

  • If you have one or more HP printers already connected to the Wi-Fi network then click on the Printer you wanted to use.
  • If you have set up a new HP Printer on the network then click ‘Add Printer’ or ‘Set up a new Printer’ and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the HP Printer Setup.
  1. Opt for print or scan documents and photos.

You can try to print the documents or photos that are saved on your device or from the cloud or social media. To scan the documents or photos either choose your printer or use your device camera to scan the items.

  1. Check the ink levels, order supplies, and access HP printer settings, information, and reports.

The HP Smart App permits you to check on the printer supplies, view HP Printer info and reports, and change the printer settings.

Note- If you face any issues while going through these steps then contact HP Printer Tech Support Number to get assistance from the experts.

  1. Personalizing the home screen (optional)

You can try for personalizing the HP Smart App home screen tiles and rearrange the tiles in order to access quickly.

Note- Some tiles can’t be rearranged and are fixed at the position like ‘Personalize tile’

  1. To rearrange the tiles
  • On the home screen press and hold the tile you wish to move
  • Drag it to the location, you wanted it to place.
  1. To turn On or Off
  • Click on the ‘Personalized’ tile.
  • Select on the On/Off toggle on the items, you want to add (on) or remove (off) from the home screen.

Choose the option ‘Done’ to save any changes and return to the home screen

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