How to Print From Google Cloud Print with Canon Printer- Canon Printer Support

Google Cloud Print is a Google service that lets the users print anywhere from any Cloud-Print-aware applications (web, desktop, and mobile phone) any device which has the network cloud to any Printer.

google cloud print

Google doesn’t have to create and maintain printing subsystems for all the hardware combinations of the client devices and printers and the user doesn’t have to install device drivers to the client but the documents that need to be print has to pass on Google, fully. And Canon Printer is compatible with Google Cloud Print

Note– To print with the Google Cloud Print, internet connection fees apply. You need to check country or region because this function may be limited to certain countries or regions.

If you have any questions or concern about Canon Printer models, don’t hesitate to call Canon Printer Support team to get assistance for the same.

Here, this article learn how to print from desktop or Smartphone with Google Cloud Print-

  1. When you send the print command on your Canon Printer with Google Cloud Print

  • Make sure Canon Printer is switched on.
  • Send the print command from the desktop, tablet or Smartphone.

Tips– When the preparation gets over and the printer is turned on, the printer receives the command and prints it automatically.

  1. When you want to print immediately from Google Cloud Print

When the Canon Printer couldn’t able to receive the print data or you want an immediate print then you need to check whether the Google Cloud Print job is done and start the printing manually.

Follow the below steps to do so-

  1. Check whether the Canon Printer is turned on.
  2. Click on the ‘Setup’ button on the operation panel.
  • Select the ‘Web service inquiry’.

Tips– If you haven’t registered the Canon Printer with Google Cloud Print then the web service inquiry wouldn’t display.

  1. Click on ‘Google Cloud Print’ option.
  2. Press on ‘Ok’ button.

Note– If you face any issues while going through the above steps then kindly contact Canon Printer Customer Service to get help from the technicians.

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