fix jammed paper

How to Fix Jammed Paper in Epson Printer?

Fix jammed paper in Epson Printer is known for its perfect blend of technology with style, design, and function. It has a wide range of models from the high to low price. With the use of Epson Connect, it prints easily the document or paper from the tablets and smartphones.

fix jammed paper

The Epson Printer user may face issues like paper jammed inside the printer, in the paper cassette, and in the rear cover.

To solve the fix jammed paper issues inside the Epson Printer, you need to follow certain steps as mentioned below-

  1. If possible, cancel the printing command.
  2. From the rear paper feed slot, remove the paper jammed.
  3. Raise the scanner unit.
  4. Remove any paper or paper pieces inside the printer.
  5. Close the scanner unit.
  6. Follow the instructions on the LCD screen to clear any error messages.

In case the paper gets jammed inside the Epson Printer’s paper cassette, to clear the jam, you need to follow certain steps as listed below-

  1. If prompted, cancel the printing command.
  2. Remove the paper cassette and try to remove the jammed paper.
  3. Be careful while removing any paper jammed inside the printer.
  4. Insert the paper cassette.
  5. Follow the instructions as shown on the LCD screen to clear the error message.

Note– If you face any issues while going through these steps then don’t hesitate to call Epson Printer Support team to get assistance for the same.

In case, the user face issues regarding paper get jammed in the duplexer or the rear cover, to clear the jam, the user needs to follow certain steps as mentioned below-

  1. If asked, cancel the print job.
  2. Click on the tabs and remove the Epson Printer’s rear cover or duplexer.
  3. Cautious while removing the jammed paper.
  4. From the duplexer or rear cover, remove the jammed paper.
  5. Open the rear cover.
  6. Carefully remove the stuck jammed paper.
  7. Reattach the duplexer of the printer.
  8. Follow the LCD screen instructions to clear out the error messages

For any information related to Epson Printer or its models, call Epson Printer Technical Support Number.

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