How to Print From Google Cloud Print with Canon Printer- Canon Printer Support

Google Cloud Print is a Google service that lets the users print anywhere from any Cloud-Print-aware applications (web, desktop, and mobile phone) any device which has the network cloud to any Printer. Google doesn’t have to create and maintain printing subsystems for all the hardware combinations of the client devices and printers and the user doesn’t have to install device drivers to the…
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How to Fix Errors Occurred During Canon Printer Driver Installation

Canon printers are a preferred choice of the computer users looking out to experience high definition printing with advanced features and latest specifications. Like any other brand’s printer, every Canon printer requires the right driver installation in order receive commands from a system. While performing the driver installation process, you might see an error with a message “Error…
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How to terminate the Access Point Mode on your Canon printer

Canon printer give its users all the required features to meet the printing and scanning needs. Blending up with the advanced technology, Canon printer are easing users to connect with machines. You can easily send commands to the machine when your Smartphone or PC is connect with LAN network. This increases the productivity and consumes less time consumption to perform a task. When you use the…
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