Configure An Epson Printer

A Quick Guide to Reset And Configure An Epson Printer

Epson printers have gained worldwide popularity for delivering high definition printing with all the advanced features. A part from printing, you can also perform other functions such as copying and scanning on specific Epson printers. To reset and configure this printer, you need to follow some instructions that are as follows:

Configure An Epson Printer

Steps to reset an Epson Printer

  1. Turn off your printer
  2. Now, take a paper clip or the tip of the pen to press and hold the reset button available at the back of the printer
  3. While holding this button, turn the printer on
    • Make sure you don’t take your hands off the reset button
  4. You will see a warning after five second
  5. Release the button and after 5 more seconds, a sheet will be printed with the factory reset IP address of the printer
    1. Please note that the latest Epson printer models will have a default DHCP address and the older Epson printers have a default IP address, i.e.
  1. This will reset the Epson printer

While performing the aforementioned steps, if you face a technical glitch then call the Epson printer support team and a technician will assist you in no time.

Steps to configure an Epson printer

(Steps valid only when you configure your Brother printer on an I Pad)

  1. Connect your I Pad to an uninterrupted network and then open Safari browser
  2. Provide the printer’s IP address
  3. Hit Go
  4. Now, navigate to TCP/IP in the configuration menu and check the following settings
    • Get IP Address- Set it to Manual
    • Set using Automatic Private IP Addressing- Set it to Disable
    • Set using PING- Set it to Disable
    • Default Gateway- Set it to
    • Subnet mask- Set it to
    • Now, tap Submit and then Reset

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